Get Started

Get Started – QUICK

1. Click the Register button in the top right corner.

2. Complete the Registration form and Activate your account.

3. Login and go to the Catalog page to select a course.

4. When you’ve selected a course, click Take this Course and complete the online payment process.

5. Once you’ve completed the payment process, hover over My Portfolio drop-down button and click the My Courses to view and start your course.

6. After completing the course, you’ll be able to print your Certificate of Completion.

aia continuing education certificate icon

NOTE: All of your Certificates will be stored under My Courses.  Click the Certificate Icon to reprint your Certificate.

 Get Started – Step by Step

Step 1. Register & Activate your account

Click the Register button in the top right corner. Complete the Registration form and Activate your account.


We’ll need the basic information necessary to issue your Certificate.  If you’re an AIA member, please provide your Member # so we may record your completions in the AIA system.
You’ll need to Activate your account before you can Log in. Check your email for an Activation link.

Step 2. Log In

Now you are able to Log In!


Once you have registered and activated your account, you can Log In (top right) with your Username and Password.

NOTE: When Logged In, a drop-down link will appear on the top right menu bar called My Portfolio.  Here you will find My Courses (a database that saves all your Courses and Certificates) and My Profile (your Registration Information for review and modification as needed) Parti Invite (refer Architects to our site and receive $20 towards a Course per referral!).
Architect Continuing Education Online

Step 3. Select a Course

Select a course from the Catalog.


Step 4. Purchase a Course

Click Take this Course, then complete the online purchasing process.


Architect Continuing Education

Once you’ve found a course you’d like to take, click the green Take this Course button. You’ll be linked to our online, secure payment site to purchase the course. Complete the purchase process using a Credit Card or with a PayPal account.

NOTE: Don’t forget, your first 2 hour course is Free! To select your free course, simply click the Take This Course button (the price will be listed as $0). The course will automatically be added to your My Courses list.

Step 5. Take a Course

Return to the Purchase Complete page, then click My Courses under the My Portfolio drop-down to begin your course.

Architect Continuing Education

Once the purchase process is complete, you’ll automatically return to the Purchase Complete page on our site. Click the My Courses link in the top menu bar under the My Portfolio drop-down. To begin the course you just purchased, click on the Course Title. All courses have 10 lessons. Begin with lesson 01.

Step 6. Print Your Certificate

Once you’ve completed the course and quizzes, you may print your Certificate of Completion.


Architect Continuing Education

Once you’ve completed the 10 lessons and required quizzes, you’ll click the Print Your Certificate link. The Certificate of Completion (PDF) will be displayed for you to print and downloaded if desired. The Certificate will also be stored in our database, accessible using the My Courses link whenever you’re Logged In.

aia continuing education certificate icon

NOTE: To reprint your Certificate – Click the drop-down arrow next to the completed course then click the Certificate Icon.

Still have Questions?

Go to the Get Started drop-down menu. Take a look at the FAQ’s or send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us link.